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Survival Kits for Kids: What to Include and Why

Best Survival Kit

Essential Items to Include in a Survival Kit for Kids

Creating a survival kit for kids is key. Don't forget items! It's essential to remember all must-haves in the kit. Let's see what is essential. Consider these items:

  • Water and a hydration straw
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Extra clothing, including rain gear and sturdy shoes
  • First aid kit and necessary medications
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Whistle and a signal mirror
  • Knife or multi-tool and duct tape
  • Emergency blanket and a map of the area

Water and Water Purification Tablets

Water and water purification tablets are must-haves for a kids' survival kit. In emergencies, access to clean water can be scarce. That's why these items are so important.

Why pack them?

  • Water: Pack at least one liter per person, per day. This may vary depending on climate and activity. Water is vital for hydration, wound care, cooking, and hygiene.
  • Water Purification Tablets: Tablets can make water from lakes, streams, and rivers safe to drink. They are light, portable, and easy to use.

Remember to check the expiry dates of water and water purification tablets in your survival kit. Pro Tip: Teach your kids how to use the tablets, and always supervise them.

Non-Perishable Food

Creating a survival kit for kids is essential. Non-perishable foods are a must. They last a long time and don't need refrigeration. Include these:

  • Canned goods: Fruits, veggies, and meats like tuna, chicken or ham. Rich in protein and vitamins. Heat them up or eat straight from the can.
  • Dried foods: Fruits, nuts, and beef jerky. Lightweight and high in protein and fiber.
  • Energy bars: Packed with essential nutrients and calories. Keeps energy levels high.
  • Water: Water is essential. Bottle or purification tablets.

These non-perishables will ensure kids are healthy during a crisis.

Parent Contact Information

It's important for survival kits for kids to have parent contact info. It'll help them be reunited with their folks in case of an emergency. Here's what to include in the survival kit:

  1. Parents' names
  2. Mom & Dad's cell and work numbers
  3. Home address
  4. Emergency contact person's name and number
  5. Vital medical info (allergies, meds, etc.)

Including this info in the kit will make sure kids don't get lost or separated from their families during a crisis. You should also review the info with them so they know who to call in an emergency.

Clothing Items to Include in a Survival Kit for Kids

Survival kits for kids must have proper clothing. If a situation occurs where the kids must survive in a dangerous place, correct clothing is important. It keeps them warm and safe from bad weather. Here, we will discuss the essential clothing for a survival kit for kids.

Warm Clothing and Accessories

When constructing a survival kit for kids, warm clothing and accessories are vital to maintaining their safety in case of an emergency. Such items include:

  • A jacket or coat to insulate against cold weather.
  • A hat or beanie to cover the head and regulate temperature.
  • Gloves/mittens to keep hands protected from frostbite.
  • Thermal underwear to keep the body warm.
  • Woolen socks to keep feet warm and dry.

Remember to get the right size and comfort level for the child's clothing. Warm clothing and accessories in the kit will provide the necessary protection during a disaster, making it a great investment for their well-being.

Wet Weather and Waterproof Clothing and Accessories

When kids are in an emergency situation with limited access to shelter, wet weather and waterproof clothing is essential. Here's what to include in a survival kit for kids:

  • A lightweight rain jacket – waterproof and warm.
  • Waterproof boots with good traction – to avoid slips and falls.
  • Rain pants – to keep their lower body dry.
  • A waterproof hat – to keep their head and face dry.
  • A poncho – an improvised shelter or a cover for them and their stuff.

These items will make sure children stay warm and dry during wet weather, protecting them from sickness and other risks.

Sturdy Footwear

Sturdy footwear is a must-have for kid's survival kits! When you're putting together one, consider their footwear needs.
Here's why:

  • Protection from injuries. Sturdy footwear stops cuts, scrapes and other injuries when walking through rough terrain or debris.
  • Warmth and dryness. Sturdy boots keep feet warm and dry in wet, cold conditions. This prevents hypothermia and other health risks.
  • Better grip and stability. Good grip on slippery or uneven surfaces reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

Pro tip: Choose boots with ankle support and a durable sole. Make sure they fit well and have room for thick socks to keep feet warm in cold weather.

First Aid Essentials for Kids Survival Kits

Kids need a survival kit! A must-have item: first aid supplies. Band-aids? Check. Gauze? Yes! Right items make a big difference. What to include? Here's why it's important. Ready? Let's go!

Antiseptic Wipes and Creams

Antiseptic wipes and creams are a must-have in kids' survival kits. They help keep infections away and aid wound healing. Wipes are super handy, coming in single-use packets that fit right in the kit. Creams like Neosporin, Polysporin, or Bacitracin stop infection, reduce swelling, and aid healing. These come in small tubes – easy to store too!

Use as directed, and seek professional help for any serious injuries. Having these items in your kid's kit will give you peace of mind that they're ready for whatever comes!

Adhesive Bandages and Gauze Pads

When creating a survival kit for kids, adhesive bandages and gauze pads are must-haves. They can treat minor injuries, preventing infections. Bandages come in different sizes and shapes, making them appealing to children. Stock up on various sizes for various types of injuries.

Gauze pads are essential for dressing larger wounds or burns. They come in various sizes and are a must for every survival kit. Don't forget to include sterile adhesive tape to fasten them in place.

Having adhesive bandages and gauze pads in your kids' survival kit will help you be ready for any minor injuries – from camping trips to home emergencies.

Tweezers and Scissors

Tweezers and scissors are must-haves in kids' survival kits. Scissors are great for cutting clothes, bandages, tape, and gauze in emergency situations. Tweezers are useful for taking out splinters, ticks, and other objects in the skin.

It's key to keep these tools clean and rust-free to stop infection. Having them close-by can save valuable time in a medical emergency. Be sure to add them to your kids' survival kit and make sure they are easy to get to.

Tools and Equipment for Kids Survival Kits

Constructing a survival kit for kids is a needful action to take. Think about their age and interests when preparing it. Here's what should be included and why:

  1. Tools and equipment: It helps children build and repair objects for survival.
  2. All very important.

Flashlight and Batteries

Flashlight and batteries are must-haves for a kid's survival kit. It is useful in various situations – like camping, hiking, power outages, storms, or being lost. Here is why:

  • Light: A flashlight gives off light when visibility is poor or none.
  • Safety: It can help kids move around dangerous places.
  • Comfort: In emergencies, it can give them a sense of security.

When choosing a flashlight, pick one that is waterproof, bright, and tough. Remember to replace batteries regularly so it works when needed.


A whistle is a must-have for any kid's survival kit. It's a signaling device that can be used to grab attention, find others, or call for help in an emergency. Lightweight and easy to carry, it makes a sound that can be heard over far distances.

Kids can use a whistle to connect with their friends when outdoors or signal for help if they're lost.

When making a kid's survival kit, it's important to include a reliable whistle. It could be a life-saver and give parents peace of mind.

Multi-purpose Tool

A multi-purpose tool is a must-have for a kids' survival kit. It's versatile and takes up very little space. Features can include a knife, saw, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, a can opener, and more. They can be used to build shelter, gather firewood, prepare food, and fix things. When choosing, consider size and weight for easy use. Look for a tool with a good grip too. Make sure your child knows how to use it safely. Having a multi-purpose tool means your kid has the right gear for any survival situation.

Comfort Items to Include in Kids Survival Kits

Equipping kids with survival kits? Think of how to make them feel supported, safe and secure. Include comfort items to reduce their anxiety. This section talks about the importance of those items and what should be included.


A blanket is a must for a kid's survival kit. It gives warmth, comfort and security during an emergency. It can stop hypothermia or illness in cold or wet weather. It also gives a sense of familiarity and emotional security to younger kids who may be scared in a crisis situation.

When selecting a blanket, pick one that is lightweight, compact and made from durable material, like wool or synthetic fleece. It should be easy for a kid to carry or pack.

Pro tip: Get children to practice using their blankets in camping or outdoor settings before an emergency. This way, they know how to use and care for them.

Stuffed Animal or Toy

Stuffed animals or toys are essential for kids in emergency or survival situations. When packing survival kits for children, items that help reduce stress should be included.

Why stuffed animals or toys?

  • They give a feeling of security and comfort in a difficult situation.
  • They can provide a sense of normalcy and distract and entertain children.
  • They help kids express their emotions and cope with fear or sadness.

When selecting a stuffed animal or toy, pick one that is familiar to the child and easy to carry. Hygiene is important too!

Comfort items in a child's survival kit will make a huge difference in how they handle a disaster or emergency.

Music or Books for Entertainment.

Assembling a survival kit for your child? Don't forget comfort items to help their mental & emotional wellbeing in stressful or emergency situations. Music & books are both popular options.


Put in a small MP3 player or CDs of their faves. It'll bring familiarity & relaxation in uncertain times. Music can also be used as a distraction or self-soothing if they become overwhelmed.


Include some of their faves for comfort & entertainment when bored or waiting. Reading can be an escape too, to mentally step away from a stressful time.

Don't forget headphones, batteries & a battery-powered charger! Providing comfort & normalcy in a chaotic time is the goal.

Best Survival Kit

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Looking for a reliable survival kit? Look no further than My Patriot Supply! Our kits are designed to handle any disaster and provide you with the essential supplies you need to survive. From food and water to first aid and shelter, our kits have got you covered. Don't wait until it's too late, order your survival kit today and be prepared for whatever comes your way!Visit our website now to learn more.