Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit: Surpass the Apocalypse of the Dead

When the literary-inspired zombie apocalypse turns into a reality and occurs in any part of the world, every person experiences panic and immediately organizes essential contents of his/her zombie survival kit – which usually includes the basic necessities and essential tools to combat the walking dead. Like other types of survival kits, these are packages of gear and supplies that will aid the surviving groups in their struggle to live.

Survive the Apocalypse with a Zombie Survival Kit

When clusters of flesh-craving creatures like zombies have invaded almost all parts of the earth, survivors are challenged to face every day without dying from the virus or even from starvation. With this in mind, a zombie attack survival kit proves to be crucial especially that these include items needed by the body for energy and protection.

Just imagine hiding from places to places or running from the distorted-looking walking dead without eating anything or drinking water. There will be no source of energy causing it to consume a person little by little until his/her body parts fail to respond immediately.

With all those undead wandering everywhere, adrenaline rush becomes a usual thing for survivors. However, when hunger strikes and fatigue elevates, no one can deny their impact to a person’s endurance and vigor. Even if the mind controls body movements, the body will no longer keep up with the demands of the situations especially if there are no adequate rest and energy boosters. In line with this, a zombie survival kit is labeled as an important element for survival because these are gathered according to the needs of a person or a group of persons.

Staying alive during a zombie epidemic doesn’t always depend on killing zombies or safely living in hideouts, but being able to surpass even the most common challenges in human life like thirst, hunger, and fear. When there is no zombie survival kit readied in advance, there are greater risks in acquiring the infection or dying because people will need to search for food and water, while there are numerous flesh eaters around.

Contents of a Zombie Survival Kit: The Checklist

Just imagine a world without a continuous supply of food and water, countries lacking soldiers to fight flesh-starving creatures, and several corpses scattering every corner of a street. The scenario describes a life without hope. However, when a survivor knows how to battle the challenges of the situation with his/her own zombie survival kit, he/she will stay alive and well.

As a rule, when a person is faced with the misfortunes of a virus outbreak, a zombie apocalypse survival kit usually comes to mind because it is geared towards human survival. Therefore, people must be informed about the things to be included in the kit and those that need to be left behind. Survivors must remember the requirement for speed during zombie scenarios and thus heavy bags and bulky items must be avoided that will just hinder fast movements.

Typically, each zombie survival kit varies according to some factors, but must always include basic items for safety, protection and energy sources such as the following:

For energy sources, energy-enriched foods, canned goods, water purifiers, and potable water are important in a zombie survival kit. Although supplies may only last for quite some time, it is good to start with things before planning to raid abandoned grocery stores or shops. When hideouts are near coastlines and bodies of water, fishing line and gear may help especially when stores are far away. If located near forests and mountains, snare wires and traps can be used to capture small animals. Rainwater and salt water can both be filtered through the use of durable aluminum foils for distilling water and receptacles for collecting dirt.

For the sake of protection, shelter tents, sleeping bags, and lightweight coats can be included in the list. Other things in the zombie survival kit that may be helpful are waterproof matches, fire pistons, lighters, candles, multi-tool knives, chopping tools, radio transceiver, maps, the survival manual, first aid kits, and many others.

For safety, weapons are an essential part of the zombie survival kit, but its kinds may depend on the capacity of a survivor. There are destructible weaponry such as guns, bombs, and other artilleries. However, these cause noise which may draw attention from the starving dead. There are also other weapons that don’t need firing supplies such as baseball bats, shovel, steel bars, and those that may damage the head. (According to most zombie guides and movies, the head must be targeted to kill the undead successfully.)

The number of items and amount of supplies in every zombie survival kit varies according to the group of survivors. Usually, when it is a family, parents and older children carry the zombie kits. Those items for youngsters are just included in their guardian’s survival bags. If there are specific medical requirements, the person may carry medicines or inhalers in a small bag.

Zombie Survival KitRelevance of the Zombie Manual

For people who are not fanatics of zombie movies and other fictional characters similar to aggressive dead people, the zombie survival guide created by American writer Max Brooks will give enlightenment on these creatures. The manual gives comprehensive explanations on potentials of zombie apocalypse and strategies to survive without acquiring the virus. Sections of the guide encompass descriptions of historical virus outbreaks, details on cases with varying intensities, and plans to aid average citizens in surpassing the apocalypse.

There are also chapters showing possible existence of the zombie-creating virus, ways to spread the virus (contamination), treatment of infections, behavioral patterns of zombies, types of the undead, categories of weapons, fighting techniques, methods in finding safe hideouts, and contents of the best zombie survival kit.

It is undeniable that fictional stories and imaginatively created scenarios can happen in today’s world. With those factual pieces of evidence and informative data presented by Max Brooks in his books, some people even believe that a zombie outbreak already happened and may occur again on a larger scale. When people are already faced with this certainty, the first thing to gear up is the zombie survival kit – the aid to stay alive during and after an apocalypse of the dead.

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