Wilderness Survival Kit

Wilderness Survival Kit – Back to Basics

Wild, But a Welcome Respite

A lot of people may not realize it but a wilderness survival kit is necessary.  Wilderness comes from the root word wild.  A wilderness is any place that is characterized by its wildness and the absence of the human activity or control.  But why would anyone find himself in the wilderness and attempt to survive in such a place?

The wilderness holds an important place in the overall ecosystem of the earth, as it remains to be a place for flora and fauna to flourish in its most natural form. Its rudimentary beauty, inherent serenity, and untamed appearance appeal to the adventurous and to the nature lover.

It is thus a popular destination for tourists, hikers, campers, backpackers and many others.  The appeal of the wild calls to the human longing for adventure, or for communing with nature, or for the need find a breather from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle.

When Things Go Wrong in the Wild-a Wilderness Survival Kit is necessary

Nonetheless, the fact that one is attempting to cross the threshold from the civilized to the uncivilized, from the tamed to the untamed, one needs to carry in his persona wilderness survival kit. A trip to the wild will not always be characterized by things going the way they should be.  As when things can go wrong, they most often will.  There is that fickle and ever-changeable factor of the weather which may catch one unaware and render him trapped and stranded in the wilderness.  Or one may, in the course of the activity, find himself lost.  In such a case, the wilderness survival kit comes as most helpful, if not totally indispensable.

Best Wilderness Survival Kit Checklist

Even before one embarks on the trip, it is important to make that wilderness survival kit list.  After making the list, one has to procure such tools and supplies and familiarize on how these things work and under what circumstances can they be most properly and practically used.  Furthermore, a wilderness survival kit list should be well-thought ought to include only the top most important things, as one can only bring those which he can carry.  Such a list should include the following:


•           Space blanket.  A space blanket is most important in protecting one from rain, wind, cold, and the sun’s heat.


•           Bandages, Band-aids, Gauze pads and Adhesive tape.  These will be used in cases of wounds, cuts and other injuries.

•           Aspirin, Oxytetracycline, Antihistamine, Antibiotic.  These are medicines than addressing the most common ailments that may be encountered in the wilderness, such as diarrhea, allergies, infections, and inflammations.


•           Map.  The early explorers only had maps to carry them around the world, there’s no reason why these maps cannot be used for survival at this point in time.

•           Compass.  As a complement to the map, a compass is necessary.  While GPS is the trend in this ultra-modern day, it will fail if the battery runs out.  There’s nothing more reliable than the good old map and compass for navigational and directional purposes.  In fact, both should never be absent in any wilderness survival kit.


•           Mirror.  This is another staple in a Wilderness Survival Kit. A mirror can be small, handy and easy to use.  There is no need to follow complex instructions to set it into operation.  It can be used to reflect light and signal rescuers or other persons the presence of one who is in distress.

•           Whistle.  In the same way as the mirror, a whistle is compact, simple, lightweight and so easy to use.  Even a kid can help himself with a whistle.  The mirror takes care of the visual aspect of the signaling task, while the whistle takes care of the sound signal.  It requires no batteries, needs no special arrangement to be able to immediately be put to use.  Further, the sound it produces reaches relatively far and easily recognizable.

•           Pencil and Paper.  Survival practically means back to basics.  A pen and a paper can be used to leave a message behind, containing messages such as a direction of travel, immediate needs, and any and all other note that may be of crucial importance in the situation at hand.  This will guide rescuers or other parties in the wilderness as to the next course of action to best help the distressed.

•           Flare.  A very popular material used in signaling.  Care must be exercised, however, in the use of the flare as improper use may cause such greater crisis as a fire.


•           Multi-tool knife.  A most common multi-tool is the Swiss Army knife, which has all sorts of blades, can openers, screwdrivers and scissors, all contained in one pivotal and compact tool.  It comes in crucial in all cutting, building, butchering, splitting, removing and assembling needs.


•           Water in metal bottle containers. The metal container ensures the protection of an essential source of life, which is water. The durability of the bottle ensures that water will not be wasted or contaminated.

•           Water purification tablets.  In case potable water runs out, the tablets may be used to convert water sourced from springs and other bodies into safe drinking water.

•           Canned or Ready to Eat.  There will be no time nor opportunity to leisurely cook palatable meals, so it should be on-the-go preparations that can be consumed immediately, anytime, anywhere.

•           Chocolates or High energy bars.  These high-energy bars have increased fat, sugar and protein content that give more calories, provide more heat and even lift up one’s moods.  There are stressful situations, and a comfort food such as chocolates might as well give one that feeling of comfort that one is trying so hard to find at the moment.  A wilderness survival kit without this indispensable food is not a wilderness survival kit at all.

Welcome Life or Welcome Death

When one attempts to visit and enjoy the wilderness, one must also be well provisioned in his wilderness survival kit.  A deliberately prepared wilderness survival kit list would be the thin kit that separates one’s life and one’s death.

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