Charts Emergency Preparedness Kit

Why an Emergency Preparedness Kit is needed

In our world, earthquake emergency preparedness kit is always needed because accidents and catastrophes are everywhere. There are virtually dangers lurking in every direction and some of them can strike anywhere and at any time. The only way in order for us to protect our homes and our families is through the use of this emergency preparedness kit.

With the use of these kits, your wife and your children will always be safe. It is very important for any home to have these kits for without them, surely it will be bad news when disaster strikes. Basically, these kits are designed to aid people to cope with incoming disasters and problems. Each kit is designed according to the type of danger or global catastrophic event that might happen. Some kits are designed for storms while others are on fire. Some are even for hurricanes and earthquakes. So, let us try to tackle each type of emergency.

The earthquake emergency preparedness kit consists of the following:

  • Easy to cook food preferably canned goods
  • Sleeping bag for each of the family members
  • Flashlight, candles and any lighting materials
  • Tents
  • Pair of matches
  • Rope
  • Spare change
  • Clothes for warm and cold weather
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • tetraglycine hydroperiodide tablets or Iodine
  • A handy radio preferably a two-way radio with FM features
  • Extra batteries for your electronic devices
  • First aid kit with medicine
  • Pocket knife or Swiss Knife
  • Bag pack with different pockets

 The Materials in your Emergency Preparedness Kit

These materials are designed for earthquakes because they are designed for the occasion. First of all, the easy to cook foods are really needed in this situation. Earthquakes are known to have aftershocks and if there is an aftershock, it would be wise for you to easily move from one place to the next. Preferably, canned goods are selected since they are easy to open and they do not need any form of cooking.

In some cases, you would not be able to cook your food since the gas lines might have been severed because of the tremors. Sleeping bags and flashlights are also needed in your emergency kit because you will need to leave your homes. The best place to be when an earthquake strikes is in an open area such as in the park.

Statistics show that people who are away from buildings will most likely survive this catastrophic event. Since you and your family will be evacuated to a safer location, you will need a tent so that you will be able to survive the cold and windy nights. Your tents will also be used as a form of safe, in order for you to protect your belongings from scavengers and thieves.

Remember that electricity will not always be present and gasoline is hard to collect when an earthquake strikes so your Emergency Preparedness Kit should have some boxes of matches. Your matches can help you start bonfires and your candles which you will need for lighting. Aside from matches, you will also need a rope. A rope can be used for a couple of tasks. It can be used for catching food, for fishing, for tying down your gear on top of a tree or even to help someone who is in a dire situation. So, it is really imperative that your emergency preparedness kit list should include a rope.

Sometimes, the earthquake is so catastrophic that the only way for you to survive would be to move to another location, especially when you have some relatives in another location. However, if the earthquake is so catastrophic then it is better to stay where you are. If you need to travel because of your family, this is when you will need the spare change. Your spare change can be used in a number of tasks including the acquisition of food and medicine. You can also use your spare change so that you can travel to another location. If you are to travel, you will need your clothes. Your earthquake emergency preparedness kit should include clothes that are not only for cold weather but also for hot climates.

The Food in your Kit

If you are to leave your home, you will need a way to prepare food and to prepare your water. This is where your cooking utensils, eating tools and iodine tablets are needed. Your cooking utensils are needed in your emergency preparedness kit list order for you to prepare food. Of course, you will need them in order for you to cook. Your iodine tablets or bottled iodine can be used in several tasks such as disinfection or water treatment. A few drops and it can clear your water supply. You can also use it for disinfecting wounds. You can acquire iodine in tablet form with tetraglycine hydroperiodide or in bottle form. Both of them are effective when it comes to any emergency. So, remember to add iodine in your emergency preparedness kit.

Aside from the ones mentioned a handy radio preferably a two-way radio with FM features should also be included. Your radio will be your communication with the world. When a major catastrophe occurs, the government will often have an emergency signal which will inform the citizens about the situation. If the earthquake is finished, then the government will also inform the public. In order to know when it is safe to go back in your home, you will need a radio in your emergency preparedness kit.

Other miscellaneous products can be added in your list yet they should not be strongly considered. For instance, people think that they would need a cell phone or a computer in order to know the news. However, these devices are rendered useless when power is down. It is better not to add them in your earthquake emergency preparedness kit since they will only increase the weight of your bag. Never bring any other items which you would not need. Only carry the ones which are essential in your emergency preparedness kit.

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