Disaster Preparedness Earthquake Kit Checklist

What Should You Have in Your Earthquake Kit Checklist?

You should see to it  that you have an earthquake kit checklist ready for you and your family. This is a necessity because there is always the potential for a major earthquake to occur. In fact, it can be difficult to predict when one can hit. This is especially the case in spots around the world where earthquakes can happen more often.

An earthquake can cause power to go out for a while and even cause some serious structural damages depending on what goes on in an area.Here are some things that you will need in your earthquake kit checklist. These are needed to ensure that you and others will be protected no matter how difficult something may be in any area.

Basic Things to Use in Your Earthquake Kit Checklist

Some of the things for earthquake kits are things that are made with basic survival needs in mind. For example, you should have plenty of water in your checklist. This includes one gallon for each person in a household. This should be enough for a single day. It helps to have more ready for long term needs.

A good first aid kit must be used in your earthquake kit checklist. This can include all the bandages, ointments and other safety and care needs your family will require. You may also want to get an additional pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses in there too.

Some extra medication can also work but you should ensure that it is not expired or else it will not work right.

Some battery-powered items can also be used in your earthquake kit checklist. These include things like a flashlight and an emergency radio. Plenty of spare batteries can be added to your earthquake kit checklist as well.

Plenty of hygiene items must also be added to your earthquake kit checklist. You can use toilet paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes and even feminine hygiene materials in your kit. These are all needed to help keep your body under control as well as possible.

What Food Items Must Be Used in Your Earthquake Kit Checklist?

There are a number of essential food items that you can use in your earthquake kit checklist. These are needed so you can keep you and others fed even if there is no power in an area for handling standard cooking procedures.

You’ll need to get plenty of canned foods for earthquake survival. Anything like this that is non-perishable can help. A good can opener should be used as well.

Also, you can get a proper stove for camping purposes into your earthquake kit checklist. A good stove like this can include support for portable gas containers. This can make it work even when there are no power sources in an area. You should stock up on some portable gas containers to go with this so you can keep your items managed carefully. Fire-starting items like matches or lighters can work with a stove like this too.

Don’t forget to have plenty of pet food on hand if you have any pets. Any non-perishable pet food that you can get will work well for either cats or dogs that you might have.

Other Items to Manage

There are some other things for your earthquake kit checklist to be organized with. You should get plenty of spare clothes ready just to be sure. This includes clean clothes so you don’t have to wash too much or wear the same things every day. Protective materials may also work if you live in a spot that is near an area with dangerous materials in it.

Some documents and other materials can be added to your Earthquake Kit Checklist as well. These include any maps and documents on local items. Personal identification documents can also be prepared on paper. You may want to find some re-writeable compact discs or flash drives too just in case you can find spots where power can be available for reading these items.

These items must be used in a checklist so you can ensure that you and others will be safe in the event of an earthquake. An earthquake can be a very serious concern but you can keep things under control if you have all the right items in a good earthquake kit checklist ready.

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