Gear Survival Kits

What should I put on my survival gear checklist?

For your survival gear checklist, be sure to include everything you think you may need when traveling in your specific region.  While many so-called “survival experts” have a list of 5 or 10 items to bring into the woods, I’d recommend bringing more than that.  After all, nature isn’t going to go easy on you if you’re only toting a 5 piece kit into the wilderness, so why limit yourself? Of course, I don’t mean to come down on any of these survivalists, as many who recommend the 5 or 10 piece kit only do so to make sure each survival priority is covered!   It may seem tough or manly to be able to live easily in the wilderness with only a knife and a spare set of underwear, but as anyone who has been caught in a pinch in the remote wilderness would know, there’s only dead, and not dead.  Surviving is essentially all that matters.  Here’s a sample list of helpful gear for survival. 

  • 8’x10’ tarp (space blankets also work well)
  • Emergency fire starters
  • Ferro Rod
  • Knife
  • Headlamp
  • Paracord, or bankline
  • Cooking pot, or metal container that can be used for boiling
  • Water purification tablets (iodine also works well, and can be used to clean wounds)
  • Dry bag (keeps things dry, and can be used to carry water!)
  • Water bottle (full of water of course)
  • Extra water (can’t get enough water!)
  • Whistle
  • Signal Mirror
  • Emergency Flair
  • Wool Blanket
  • Extra warm clothing (only in cold environments of course)
  • Warm, dry, wool socks
  • 2 Compasses (the first tells you which way is north, the second confirms that the first compass is accurate)

What should I put in my car emergency kit?

It’s easy to see the importance of a car emergency kit by looking at how many different situations can be encountered while in a vehicle.  You could experience everything from a break down on a hot day to getting stuck in the snow during a blizzard. Car survival kits are a slightly different animal than regular survival kits, though they share some similar factors.  First, I would include everything from your regular survival kit into your car emergency kit.  Here are a few items I would add:

  • Snow shovel
  • 3-5 gallons of water
  • Extra wool blankets
  • Backup cell phone battery
  • Tire chains

 What are some necessary survival tools?

Simply put, there are 5 tools that I wouldn’t be without in the wilderness.  First, a good tarp, or space blanket.  These can keep the snow off of you, provide shade, protect you from the wind, and reflect your body heat back to you during the night.  In the past year I have spent around 60 days and nights living in remote wilderness areas, and 0 nights sleeping in a tent.  In basically every situation, prefer a trusty tarp!

My second tool would be a knife.  For my knife, I carry a Green River Knife which has a five inch carbon steel blade, full tang, and wooden handle.  All of these features make this knife extremely versatile.  The blade is strong enough to pry, yet narrow enough to be extremely sharp.  A carbon steel blade holds an edge very well, and the wooden handle enables me to always have a socket ready for bow and drill fires.

Cordage would be another necessary item to carry into the wild.  It’s the item that ties every aspect of survival together, literally!  Of course, it’s possible to make cordage from natural materials such as grass, and spruce root, but sisal, paracord, and bankline are the best choices! I use cordage mostly for bow and drill fires, and my tarp shelter, but it can also be used for fishing, snares, mending a broken shoe lace, first aid, and multitudinous other tasks.

As for my 4th piece of gear, I carry waterproof matches, in a waterproof match case.  It’s pretty obvious why this is an important part of my kit.  Matches are an extremely easy, and simple way of starting a fire.

A metal container finishes up my list of extremely necessary items (although I wouldn’t recommend going into the wilderness with just these items by any means!).  Metal containers that are useful include, steel water bottles, cook pots, coffee cans, and soup cans.  They can be used to cook, but more importantly, purify water through boiling!

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