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The College Survival Kit

Survive the campus jungle.

A lot of people have been asking about what really is included in the college survival kit? College is a great experience for everyone. It offers a lot of enlightenment and opportunities for a person to have great knowledge. It also prepares a person emotionally, physically and mentally before he or she enters the real world of adults.

Many people have experienced great and fun things during college while some cursed the day they entered it. What does it really take for a person to enjoy college effortlessly? How easy is it really to adapt? What is a college survival kitAnd what are the steps in the college survival guide?

For most students, excitement is the first emotion they feel when they are about to enter college. Excited to meet new friends, excited to be away from home for the first time, excited to be in a place where everybody is at your range age-wise, some are excited to gain knowledge and be first in their class, some are excited to finish it.

Of course, some students also do not even want to enter it because of the fear that they will not be able to adapt to the new world they will be moving in to. That is why a college freshmen survival kit is very useful. It will somewhat make it a bit easier for them and lighter for them leaving their homes and entering a new one. Parents also can be a big help in this process.

Most parents tend to be scared by the thought that their kid is leaving home for college. Some think that their kid won’t be able to adjust easily but instead of thinking like that, try and help your kid and give the things that he or she needs for them to get a good jump start in college by preparing a college survival kit. Remember, your kid will be away from home for a long time so it is always good to get everything ready. Parents can also be a big help in the process of experiencing good things in college. Here are some of the things that are included in the college survival kit.

First things about your college survival kit

First of all, let this article talk about the college survival kit necessities or the basic needs of the student. There is clothing. Pack clothes in a way that you are able to fit a lot of clothes in a luggage. You must have clean clothes ready for a week. It is also good to buy new clothes because this can be good to the student’s self-esteem – new clothes, new world.

Also prepare the toiletries like a towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, bathroom slippers, bathrobe, and other things that can be useful. Try putting them in a basket or something that can be hand carried and can be organized easily. Also bring some bed sheets and blankets in case your dormitory does not provide it for you. Pillows are usually automatic but if you want extra ones, then you can also bring one or two more.

What is a college survival kit?

It usually includes some of the things from homes like pictures of your family, your old blanket, and some sentimental things. This will help them cope up and not get homesick easily because that is the first problem a student can encounter while in college. Okay, so going back to the basics. Food is also something a student can bring. As almost all people know, students will be living in dormitories, so if you can get a ref then it would be great. You can get access to food anytime especially during midnight. So bring some snacks and instant food along for emergencies. Some people just put food inside their college survival kit.

One more thing a student can include in his or her college survival kit is knowledge. Even a little knowledge about the school’s history would go a long way. Like the directions as to where the cafeteria is, classrooms, dean’s office, clinic, dorms, auditoriums and such. So you will not have a hard time cramming every second the class ends and you will go run around to find the next classroom. Be mindful so you won’t be stressed! You can get maps or anything that can help you through the lobby or the welcoming office. Your college survival kit is going to be helpful especially when you pack it well.

Okay, so now you think of what are the things you can do when you enter college. Aside from studying and attending classes, you can also join clubs. What are your talents? Know your skills and then follow them. If you are good at swimming then try out for swimming team, chess player? Are you a Basketball player?

Are you a Football player? How about cheering squad? There a lot of clubs and organizations you can choose from. And if you are in the academic side, there are also the Physics club, English club, the Chemistry club and more! Unleash your potential and go! College survival guide and the College Survival Kit will not be fun if you are not enjoying what you do so find the things you want and then go for it!

There is also such thing as a funny college survival kit. This kit is usually given by other people for the student and it includes all the stuff to remember things by. Like something from the past. Like a certain candy or chocolate, you guys used to eat together. Some metaphors like soap (it can be used to clean the mess he or she will make in college) stuff like that. This can be also helpful because it can give a good laugh for the student.

The thing that is very important for inclusion in a college survival kit is to give the student a way to communicate with the people at home. Get mobile phones! In case of emergencies or if the student needs comforting from home, this tool can be a bridge for the students to reach their families in an instant. College is fun and fruitful – if you do it the right way.  So go on and pack your college survival kit and enjoy the best things college can offer.

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