How to Survive

Make an Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency survival kits include all the necessary equipment and supplies needed in an emergency situation. Making an emergency survival kit gives you peace of mind that you are prepared for a loss of electricity, flood or any natural disaster.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • Large duffel bag, trunk or storage container
  • Canned food or dry goods
  • Water
  • First aid kit with any prescription medication
  • Portable radio
  • Candles or flashlight
  • Matches and extra batteries
  • Small camp stove with fuel
  • Games, cards, books, and toys
  • Whistle
  1. Step

    Designate a large duffel bag, trunk or storage container for the kit. The container should be large enough to hold all of the supplies.

  2. Step

    Gather canned food or dry goods such as soups, beans, vegetables, crackers, peanut butter and other food that lasts without refrigeration. Make sure you have enough food to sustain your entire family for at least three days.

  3. Step

    Put enough bottled water in the kit to last three days. Each member of your family needs to drink at least 2 liters of water each day. Have extra water for cleaning and hygiene.

  4. Step

    Purchase a first aid kit with bandages, burn cream, pain relievers, sting treatment, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Include a week’s worth of any required prescription medications. Purchase any needed nebulizer or portable oxygen tanks from a medical supply store.

  5. Step

    Include a portable radio in the emergency survival kit to get updates and crucial information during the emergency.

  6. Step

    Place candles and flashlights in the kit. Include dry matches or lighter and extra batteries.

  7. Step

    Buy a small gas camp stove and fuel for the stove. Find these at any sporting goods store. Keep three full fuel canisters in the kit at all times.

  8. Step

    Include games, cards, books and toys. Make them age-appropriate for those in your family. Remember to get items that are lightweight in case you have to move from your location.

  9. Step

    Pack any tools, pocketknives or utensils that might be needed.

  10. Step 10

    Purchase a small whistle for the kit. Whistles are used to attract attention if you need to evacuate.

  11. Step

    Place the kit in the house and show everyone in the family where it is. Show them what is inside the kit and explain its contents are only to be used an emergency.

Tips & Warnings
  •  Replace any unused food once a year with fresh items.

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