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Know Your Bug Out Bag Contents

What are the bug out bag contents and how their presence is going to increase your chances of getting away from a disaster in one piece?  If there’s one thing that can be said about disasters, is that they almost always come over unannounced. Striking with unrelenting fury, they often leave their victims blindsided, not knowing what hit them.

Due to this, some people have created all kinds of ways that they think is going to help them survive a catastrophic incident. The thinking is, while they cannot exactly fully prepare for a collision with disaster, it is better to be at least partially prepared than not to be prepared at all, hence the creation of the bug out bag.

How Bug Out Bag Contents Are Chosen…

All bug out bag contents is designed to increase a person’s chances of survival in case of a disaster. While the recommended contents of bug out bags differ from country to country, they are fundamentally similar on most aspects. Designed to be as portable as possible as to facilitate optimal portability, they contain all kinds of necessities and equipment that would help a person survive any tragedy for at least 72 hours.

Before we discuss the different contents of a bug out bag, we are going to discuss a short bit of history about it. Its name, bug out bag, is most probably derived from the name of equipment used in the military that practically uses the same approach: the bailout bag. An emergency kit, the bailout bag is used by military aviators in order to penetrate or escape an emergency situation. The use of this bag has become widespread for emergency and law enforcement organizations, and this technique has even made it to civilian hands.

Bug out bag contents is specially sorted out in order to prepare one for battle against the hostile elements that are frequently experienced during an emergency situation. Because of this, the bug out bag has also earned nicknames such as the 72-hour kit and the battle box. These bug out bag contents are then fitted into one single container (such as a bag). This makes a lot of sense, as for instance, packing them into one single package greatly increases their portability, an essential during very hostile situations.

With those being said, it is now time that we discuss the usual bug out bag contents.

  • Water– Given that water is perhaps an essential thing in life, having one of these as part of your bug out bag contents list is always going to be a no-brainer. We know that water is perhaps the heaviest object that is placed in the bag, but you practically call yourself ready for battle if you don’t have water. Water is a must have, as you are going to use it for both drinking and other purposes. Make at least 1 gallon of water a fixture in your bug out bag contents.
  • Food– Among the various bug out bag contents, this is another of the no-brainers. Having an available food stock is essential if you are going to be able to stick out for at least 72 hours until escape is accomplished or help arrives, whatever comes first. For this purpose, it is recommended that only foods that don’t spoil easily must be included in a kit like this.
  • First Aid Kit– This is another thing that can never be left out of a bug out bag contents list. In a hostile situation such as an abrupt disaster, disease or injury can strike a potentially deadly blow to one’s (or a group’s) survival chances. Being able to treat it as quick as possible can make the difference between being a survivor and a casualty. As you don’t know when a health issue is going to strike, a first aid kit is going to be handy.
  • Maps– Knowing the proper direction out of a certain scenario is going to be a big help in getting out of a dangerous situation. Having a map with your bug out bag contents is going to be very crucial in helping you do just that.
  • Weather resistant clothing– Weather, especially during disasters, can be quite daunting. Having protective clothing such as jackets, gloves, and headwear are going to give the contents of a bug out bag a significant survival boost.
  • Knife– This versatile tool is going to serve you big time in a disaster situation. You can use it to cut through obstacles, to craft various tools, to hunt for food, and to provide self-defense if necessary.
  • Cash– You’ll never know, but adding it together with your Bug Out Bag Contents might actually come handy, especially deep in the survival chase.

The Pros and Cons of Bug Out Bag Contents

There is a fair share of criticism with regards to bug out bag contents, but more so to the concept of having a bug out bag to begin with. Some people say that having one often gives a false sense of security for some people, making them complacent or even leads them to underestimating the task at hand. In addition, by looking at the typical contents of bug out bags, it’s safe to say that it’s going to weigh a lot. Some argue that the overall weight of bug out bag contents is going to slow down the person to the point that his/her mobility is compromised.

However, it must be noted that bug out bag contents are made to be that way for a reason. It is never intended to be a survival kit anyway, but if there’s one thing about having a comprehensive bug out bag contents list in your arsenal is that it helps you survive the next 72 hours after a disaster in one piece.

After all, it is very often that the difference between surviving and perishing is determined moments immediately after the disaster itself. Hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your bug out bag contents ready just in case a disaster strikes.

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