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Hurricane Survival Kit – The Essence of Preparedness

hurricane survival kit is invaluable. Disasters come and go.  Natural disasters are as much a part of life as living itself.  They cannot be prevented but at least some of them can be detected while their wrath has not yet been released.  As far as natural disasters go, there is no way to predict the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis.

But as far as weather disturbances, the world is now fully equipped with meteorological capabilities that can monitor the time, strength and coverage of cyclones, storms, and hurricanes.  And this warning system leaves the population with no excuse as to why they have not been completely equipped and prepared with a hurricane survival kit in the first place.

A hurricane is a weather disturbance that brings in lots of rain and strong winds.  The tough winds can cause huge waves and storm surges in the seas.  Sometimes, a hurricane brings about a tornado.  A tornado is also called a twister or cyclone that is distinguished for its rotating column of air that touches the ground, which is both powerful and dangerous.

Indeed, a forthcoming hurricane is a sign of possible danger.  It is in the prudent side to prepare for such eventuality by having ready a hurricane survival kit with a well-apportioned hurricane survival supply list.

During the course of a hurricane, one’s family is stuck inside the house, as traveling would be dangerous.  Moreover, even after the storm is over, the whole family may still be stranded within the confines of the home or the immediate neighborhood due to flooding, or debris and trees on roads that make passage impossible.  More often than not, supply of electricity may be cut off due to damages in the generation and distribution system of power suppliers.  In all these eventualities, it is very important that there is sufficient food supply for the entire family.  It is wise therefore, to beforehand, come up with a well-calculated hurricane food supply list. A well-prepared hurricane survival kit also takes into consideration the special needs of each family member.

Hurricane Survival Kit:  Hurricane Supply List

There are six basic supplies that must be in the hurricane survival kit supply list.  They are enumerated below.


Water must be kept in bottles made of plastic.  Such containers do not break nor rapidly decompose and are light to carry in the event of the evacuation.  The average consumption of a moderately active person is at least two quarts per day.  This consumption is increased in breastfeeding mothers, active children and those who are sick.  The water supply for each person must at least be three gallons, with a one-gallon allocation per person for a minimum of three days.


A Hurricane Survival Kit must not be without a first aid kit.  First aid kits include just the very basic and simple supplies, so it won’t be too much expense or hassle to prepare at least two kits, one for the home and one for the car.  It makes one ready to respond to immediate medical emergencies, as medical help may be long in coming due to the disarray in transportation, communication during and after the hurricane.

The first aid kit must more or less have the following items included:

1.         Sterile bandages and gauzes

2.         Soap or antiseptic

3.         Sunscreen

4.         Vitamins

5.         Over the Counter Drugs

6.         Thermometer

7.         Scissors

8.         Petroleum Jelly

9.         Tongue Depressor

10.       Maintenance Prescription Medicines


As a hurricane is primarily accompanied by heavy rains, it is not far-fetched that one may get wet or rain-soaked in the process.  If one stays stranded at home, there’s no question as to the adequacy of clothing and bedding resources.  Another eventuality is that when the home is not anymore a safe place for the family for whatever reasons, and evacuation is inevitable, one must carry along clothes and gears for warmth and even minimum comfort.  It is wise to be able to bring along the following as part of one’s hurricane survival kit:

1.         At least one complete change of clothing

2.         Socks and shoes

3.         Rain gear

4.         Sleeping Bag

5.         Hat and Gloves


These are the goods and equipment that will help in communications and facilitation of the activities as required and limited by the situation.  A hurricane survival kit must have these items:

1.         Cellular phones

2.         Paper cups, plates and plastic utensils

3.         Lots of batteries

4.         Can opener

5.         Battery powered radios

6.         Battery powered flashlights

7.         Small fire extinguisher

8.         Compass

9.         Matches

10.       Whistle

11.       Papers and pencils

12.       Toiletries

Hurricane Survival Kit:  Hurricane Food Supply List

Just like water, food provisions should last at least three days. In stocking up on food supplies, preference must be made for those foods that involve little or no cooking at all, will last a long time without refrigeration and will not need water in the course of its preparation.  They must also be lightweight so as to easily bring them if it comes to evacuation.

A hurricane survival kit food supply list more or less must have the following items included:

1.         Ready – to – eat canned foods – to include vegetables and fruits

2.         Juices in plastic containers

3.         Chocolates

4.         Protein-Rich Snack Bars

5.         Infant Food or Infant Formula

Aside from obtaining and preparing all that is needed in hurricane survival kits, it is also wise to keep in a sealed and dry plastic container important family papers and documents such as wills, birth certificates, marriage contracts, passports, health record cards, social security cards, insurance policies, and contracts.  A list of important bank account numbers and telephone numbers must also be made and kept in one’s person at all times.

The above is an exhaustive list that must be found in a hurricane survival kit.  There is no way that man can impose his will upon nature, as nature is controlled by its own nature.  Nonetheless, the world has noticed weather systems getting fiercer, and calamities growing worse.  Man can only ensure one thing to come out alive from all these: preparedness. And preparedness starts with one simple step – the preparation of a hurricane survival kit.

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