Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency Survival Kit: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Because there are countless emergency situations you have to prepare for from a simple knife cut to the most drastic natural disasters, having a near complete emergency survival kit is a must. Read on to discover the essentials of emergency kits.

 Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: Which of the Situations Need an Emergency Survival Kit?

The first thing that you need to answer when preparing for an emergency kit is how do you make sure that you contain all essentials in the kit? The answer to this lies in planning ahead for the unknown to ensure that your emergency survival kit is as complete as will allow. The following are steps you can follow:

  1. Research the top emergencies that apply to your situation. In terms of natural disasters, you can research what calamities happen most of the time in your locality. You also have to know what type of emergency situations occur in your workplace as well as in the school of your children. For instance, if hailstorms have not occurred in your area, you can make it last in your priority of things to prepare for in your emergency survival kit.

  2. Have your family undergo an annual medical checkup. This is to find out any special medical condition that you need to get ready for in your emergency survival kit both for ordinary situations and during natural disasters. Information from the checkup will enable you to decide what type of medications to include both in your home first aid kit and survival kit especially since a difficult situation can worsen a lot of medical conditions.

  3. Come up with an extensive list of materials to include in your kit. Rather than being able to adequately predict what emergencies are you expected to face, you might as well have a complete set of materials in your kit. From the information in number 1, list the materials needed in each. Crush out materials that are the same in every emergency and integrate all.

To make your list of materials for your emergency survival kits more complete, you can also turn to the Internet. There are readily available lists for every specific emergency that you can possibly encounter. You just have to use your search engine typing in phrases such as contents of earthquake kitmaterials for survival kits, and the likes.

Options in Emergency Survival Kit: Avenues when Looking for Complete Kits

  1. Ready to use kit. There are several shops online that afford you with emergency kits. The advantage of turning to kits sold online is that you won’t exert much effort in choosing the items since there is a kit for every situation. However, some kits are lacking essentials, so you have to check your ordered emergency survival kit. After checking the kits, you can then add whatever is lacking. To know which are the best companies selling emergency kits, you can read customer reviews and check ratings.

  2. Create your own emergency survival kit. To ensure completeness of your kit and for better organization of contents, you can gather the kit essentials yourself. While this can take up much of your time, the extra effort is all worth it. Another option under this is to gather the materials by combining emergency survival kits sold online.

Tips and Tricks in the Use of Emergency Survival Kit: Maximizing Its Use

  1. Update your emergency survival kit list from time to time. You can read resources about various emergency situations and what you can do to survive each. With the series of disasters happening lately, you are sure to become an expert on them if you update your knowledge constantly. By doing so, you will also find other things to put in your kit which it still doesn’t have.

  2. Organize and label the contents of your kit. Because most probably you will be in a panic mode when the emergency happens, it is better to ensure that you maximize the use of your Emergency Survival Kit. In addition, even if it was you who prepared the kit, any of your other family members can use it. So to avoid confusion in the use of the kit’s numerous contents and to facilitate speed of getting any of the contents, it is best to have a legible label for each essential. In addition, the label also has to be waterproof and, if possible, won’t easily burn.

  3. Practice using the contents of the emergency survival kit. This applies to gadgets that are not common such as the first aid kit or fire extinguisher. Remember that you will be put in an emergency situation with less the optimal conditions. For instance, practice using a wrench even without the lights on especially since the power can be cut off during most natural disasters. In addition, you can also undergo specific pieces of training to make you more adept in facing emergencies. Under this are first aid training and the likes.

  4. Educate your family about the contents of the kit. To make sure that all your family members are adept at using the kit and its contents, you have to teach them the function of each material. To stray away from the feeling of doom during your practice especially for kids, you can instead have a contest of who can use the so and so material best. In this way, your family will be prepared for an emergency knowledge-wise and attitude-wise.

  5. Prepare more than one emergency survival kit. Because you don’t know what type of, when, and where an emergency will strike, you have to ensure that you are prepared at all times. Place a kit in strategic places such as one kit in the upper floor of your house, one kit below, in the car, in the garage, etc. The more emergency kits you prepare, the more chance of surviving the emergency. In addition, you also have to prepare for at least three days of emergency as a general rule and have a 72-hour emergency survival kit. This will ensure that your emergency survival kit will last long.

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