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Earthquake Survival Kit: Preparing for the Unexpected

Do you know that your earthquake survival kit is what stands between you and danger? Being so, find out below the what’s of earthquake kits and more useful information about them for you to survive one of the most dreaded calamities humans can face.

The unfounded fear of earthquakes is called seismophobia. However, with the series of earthquakes rocking many parts of the world, the unfounded phobia has turned into something real, into a fear that one of these days you might experience first-handedly. In the last ten months of 2016, out of the 100 estimated disasters, almost half were earthquakes.

What makes earthquakes among the most feared calamities of man is that unlike fires, typhoons, or hurricanes, they come unannounced with no adequate way of predicting their occurrence. Many say that the series of earthquakes that have been happening lately signal the end of the world. However, science tells a different story.

According to experts, the number of quakes has not increased, only that media seems to make a big fuss about such disasters. Regardless of which, earthquakes are a reality and the need to prepare for an earthquake survival kit is integral.

Contents of an Earthquake Survival Kit: Ensuring Completeness

The need to prepare for an earthquake survival kit cannot be overemphasized. There is no other reason for such but to afford you the chance to face head on something as unexpected as an earthquake.

The first thing to do when preparing for a kit is to come up with an earthquake survival kit checklist of the materials you need. There are two options when gathering the materials for the kit. The first is to shop for a ready to use the kit with all, if not most, of the materials in your checklist. The second is to gather the materials yourself to ensure that you complete your checklist.

The following are the must-have contents of your earthquake survival kit:

1)      Beddings. Most importantly, these should include sleeping bags and blankets. Fold them properly, and make sure that they are placed in waterproof bags. This is to ensure that in case of a flood, your beddings won’t get wet and can still serve their purpose of providing warmth.

2)      Clothes. Again, prepare extra clothes good for three days for all members of the family, and place them in waterproof containers just like your beddings.

3)      Foodstuff. Prepare foods that are ready to eat and are non-perishable such as canned goods as well as foods that serve as instant energy sources such as crackers and biscuits. If you have pets, they also have to be included in your preparation. For your water, a rule is to have two quarts of water per day per family member. Be sure to change your water once every six months. Of course, place in your earthquake survival kit eating utensils you and your family can use.

4)      Gadgets. Top of the list of things is a radio with extra batteries so that you will know what is going on. You also need to have a mobile phone, which you don’t use at home, and an emergency light or flashlight that is fully charged with extra batteries.

5)      Hygiene and sanitation materials. These are the usual materials you use for maintaining hygiene such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and the likes. You also need to prepare plastic bags to contain your mess, household bleach, and disinfectant. You also need to have two quarts of water for the hygiene use of each family member.

6)      Medicine/Medical supplies. You can buy a regular first aid kit, which has most everything you need for your supplies. However, you also need to add medications especially for your family members with special conditions for heart disease, allergies, or what have you.

7)      Tools and other supplies. Having a wrench in your earthquake survival kit is a must as it affords many useful functions from turning off gas lines to taking apart coverings of passages that may block your way. Another important tool is a utility knife, which gives you versatility in its use. You also need to have a match or lighter, signaling equipment such as a flair, sewing materials, small fire extinguisher, storage containers, etc.

8)      Cash, documents, notes, and handbook. It is a must to have a copy of important documents such as birth certificate, marriage contract, passport, and the likes. You also need to have a pen and some paper. A handbook of how to survive an earthquake should also be included in the earthquake survival kit.

Come up with a new earthquake survival kit list from time to time, adding more materials that you will need along the way.

Aside from Earthquake Survival Kits: What more should You Prepare

Apart from preparing extensively for an earthquake survival kit, you also have to ensure that you have the following:

1)      The right attitude. More than the completeness of the contents of your Earthquake Survival Kit, what can ensure your survival is having a positive attitude that you will be able to weather the disaster. This is especially true when you have other members of the family injured and others panicking, thus, projecting an overall feeling and mood that the situation is hopeless, which can lessen your chance of survival. Being optimistic can be contagious, decreasing the panic felt during an earthquake.

2)      Other kits aside from earthquake kits. You will observe that during earthquakes, floods can happen as a result of the movement of the plate and sometimes fires because of the disruption in the electrical wiring system of establishments. Thus, you also have to make certain that you are prepared for these disasters as well. If you think that having many kits is too bulky, you can add contents in your earthquake survival kit that you can use for other emergency situations as well.

3)      A good strategy. Aside from having an earthquake survival kit, you also need to plan extensively what has to be done when the disaster strikes. Where will you hide in case of falling debris? Where will you and your family meet in case you get separated? Who is in charge of bringing what? What are the assignments of things to do? The answers to these and more should be prepared along with your earthquake survival kit.

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