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A lot of people have been looking around for a survival kit checklist in order for them to easily gather the needed materials. There are a lot of things that are happening worldwide today that man cannot stop; they can slow down and prevent a little, but not stop completely.

These are natural disasters brought to mankind by nature. It is possible that in a single second, an earthquake can collapse half a building. People have invented machines to determine when will a disaster strike, it may not stop it, but it sure can make people aware and give them time to prepare for the said disaster.

The purpose of a survival kit checklist

This is very handy because you do not have to research about the things that should be included. All you have to do is buy the things that are in the list. It is very easy and almost all people know how to use these things.

f not, a manual can be included and studied earlier so that when the time comes, you do not have to read it while surviving on a disaster. Many natural disasters like hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, and landslide have been reported to take hundreds and thousands of lives all over the world. These events cannot be stopped but it can be delayed a bit through advanced technology and it can be studied so that people can be more aware on what to do in times of disasters.

This article will talk about the things that a person should have to help him when a disaster strikes. It is always important to remember that just because disasters do not strike 3 times a week, it does not also mean it will never strike again. Preparation, knowledge and a survival kit are the keys to a successful survival and a good survival kit checklist is a big part of it. It will make all the work easier for you.

Earthquake survival kit checklist necessities

The first one is the earthquake survival kit checklistWhat is an earthquake? An earthquake is the movement of the plates underneath the Earth and resulting to tremors or rumbling of the Earth above. This may cause a lot of buildings to collapse, cracking of the roads, making debris fall.

This is your survival kit checklist for an event of Earthquake:

–          Helmets (can be worn to prevent head injury from falling objects)

–          Bandages

–          Wound cleansing agent

–          Flashlights

–          Candles

–          Matches and extra lighters

–          Extra batteries for flashlight and mobile phones

–          Some food and snacks in case of stranded

Of course, be sure to follow these tips also… when an earthquake strikes, find some place you hide underneath like stable tables and do not go outside when it stops shaking because usually after shock will happen and more objects might fall. So stay underneath until it is 100% clear. When you are driving, do not park underneath a tree or any object that may collapse. Find a clear area and park there. Wait for the shaking to completely stop and then you can go. This can be included in your survival kit checklist.

What you need in your hurricane survival kit checklist

Next most common is the hurricane survival kit checklist. A hurricane includes thunderstorms and hard raining in a certain area. This is the most common cause of flash floods. A hurricane can wipe out a big city with its flood!

Put these on your Survival Kit Checklist so you will be ready for a hurricane attack

–          Life vests

–          Portable rubber boats (it can be easily folded)

–          Flashlights with extra batteries

–          Food and snacks

–          Distress caller (in case you are in the stuck in an certain place)

–          Bandages

–          Wound cleansing agents

–          Some over the counter medicines like antibiotics, anti-fever, anti- cough and colds (this is very common due to the cold flood water)

–          Extra blankets and towels

These are just some of the things you can put in your survival kit checklist. You can also coordinate with your local government for more information. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Do not wait for bad things to happen before you do something about it. Okay, so this article covered two of the most common natural disasters that happen worldwide. But what if it is not that time of the year for these disasters to happen?

Pointers for your home survival kit checklist

What if the disaster is inside the comfort of your home? A house can be equipped with all the home security systems and it can definitely prevent burglars from coming inside. But what about accidents like minor fire? How about electricity black out? In emergency cases, it sometimes takes the ambulance longer than expected? There is always a possibility for accidents so people should also make room for preparation.

Here are things that you can put in your home survival kit checklist.

–          Always store a few flashlights and extra fresh batteries

–          You can also store candles

–          Extra food and water will be very helpful

–          Keep emergency numbers in sight

–          A survival kit checklist should also include fire extinguishers

–          First aid kit that includes: bandages, wound cleansing agents, ammonia, saline, over the counter medicines, alcohol.

–          Knowledge in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation can also be a good addition to your survival kit checklist.

Keeping aware and mindful about the environment can be a great start on your project to build an essential survival kit. A checklist can make it easier for you to check which ones are missing and what more to get. Whether it is an earthquake survival kit checklist, hurricane survival kit checklist, or a home use, you can always benefit from them.

Start organizing your checklist and start gathering the materials needed. There are some complete kits sold in the market but you can also customize your own kit. It is more inexpensive if you buy the things on your own instead of buying the whole set. Don’t forget to make your survival kit checklist as your reference while shopping.

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