Survival Kits

Are You Ready for Survival?

Days pass very fast and now it is already. Are you ready for anything that may happen this year with your own survival kit?


If not, then, it’s time for you to have one.  We’ll never know what can happen. Many people claim that in this year, the world will cease to exist. Others do not believe this idea. However, whatever happens, it is important that you are prepared. How? It is by having your own survival kit.

If some people are correct about saying that the world will end, then, there will be no source of electricity, no telephones, no cellular phones, and soon there will be not enough food for everybody. People will go hungry and thirsty. People will fight for their own survival so there will be wars. All because they didn’t prepare survival kits when they still had time. That is why having a survival kit is essential.

What a  Survival Kit Is…

 survival kit, also referred to as emergency survival gear is a package of the basic stuff which is prepared to be used in times of emergency. Its size and contents vary depending on the particular needs. However, there are basic things that can be commonly found in survival kits. Most of the time, these things are necessary for a person to survive for a few days and include water, food, clothes, and tools.

Survival kits can be bought in the supermarket. They can also be bought online through the internet. However, a person can make his/her own survival kit. The only thing he/she has to do is to know what should be included in the survival kits. This article will serve as your survival guide and will help you know what you need in preparing your own survival kit.

The Contents of a Survival Kit

So, having a survival kit is important. But what should be the contents of a person’s survival kit? Here’s a list of some of the most important things that a survival kit should have:

  • Drinking Water

Water is the most important thing in every person’s survival kit. Everyone needs water in order to survive. One can live without eating any food for a week but not without water. And since many people assume that the water will be scarce, be sure to include much of it in survival kits.

There are people who say that the clean water that will be included in survival kits for should be enough for a year. Some claim that a person should have an at least one gallon of water daily. However, if it is not possible, just be sure to have enough amount of drinking water which can last for a long time.

  • Food

Even though people can survive without food for seven days, food should still be included in a person’s survival kit. The foods to be included in a Survival Kit should not expire in the near future. Dried foods can be used since they do not spoil or expire easily. Moreover, these foods are not heavy so they can easily be brought. However, since these foods are dried, rehydration can be a problem.

Emergency food bars should also be in the survival kit. These food bars should contain at least 2,600 calories and do not contain tropical or coconut oils to prevent an allergic reaction in a person. Sweets such as candies and chocolates can also be included to add energy to the body. Just remember to use foods which do not require refrigeration and cooking.

  • First Aid Kit

The first aid kit should contain cotton, gauze, povidone iodine, tape, alcohol, medicines for common sickness, scissors, ballpen, paper, flashlight, and a whistle. The whistle can be used to get the attention of other people. The cotton, povidone iodine, and guaze can be used in cuts and wounds. The alcohol can be used to disinfect hands and the scissors. Be sure that the kit to be used is aseptically clean to prevent contamination. Moreover, change the medicines every now and then to prevent consumption of expired medicines.

  • Other Important Stuff

Aside from clean drinking water, food, and first aid kit, other things that can be included in a survival kit are compass, local map, head protector like goggles, gas mask, and ear plugs, cash, battery-powered radio, survival book, and protective weather gear such as gloves, jackets, and extra clothes. The compass and map will help a person locate himself/herself whenever he/she feels lost. He/She can use the gas mask when there are poisonous fumes or gases around him/her.

Cash can be used to buy some important stuff or to have a ride in a public transportation. The battery-powered radio will help a person be aware of what will happen or what is happening around him/her or in other places. The survival book will help a person know what he/she should do when he/she is in doubt.

Prepare One’s self

It’s not enough to just prepare the survival kit. A person should also prepare himself/herself. This can be done by joining self-defense classes and preparing his/her mind through reading survival books or watching movies about survival.

When a disaster comes, don’t panic. Just relax and remember to follow what is written in survival books. Bring the survival kit and focus on what needs to be done. And of course, do not forget to pray.

Be Prepared Now with the Survival Kit

Many people tend to ignore it since they believe nothing will happen during this year. However, we should not forget that anything can happen. That is why a survival kit is really important. These survival kits can help a lot of people in case tragedy strikes.

Don’t be the last person to prepare survival kits. It will not consume a lot of time. If it does, then it will be worth it in the future. There’s nothing wrong with being geared up. Being equipped is better than being unprepared. When an emergency comes, other people will not know what to do and what to eat. Don’t be like them. Be prepared and have a survival kit.

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