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An Esee Knives Survival Knife Study

A Study on Survival Knives

We’ve all heard many times that knives are THE most important survival tool. In fact, it is possible to survive in the wild with only a knife.


  • A knife must cut. (This sounds ridiculous but some people will buy a cheap Chinese for looks. Much to our surprise, they go dull after slicing apples.)
  • A knife must be able to perform in harsh environments without failing.
  • A knife must be able to perform delicate tasks.
  • A knife should be able to handle brutally hard situations.

So now that we set some ground rules, it’s time to ask the question: What is the best knife for survival???

Perhaps the most asked survival question, that has never been truly answered. Many survivalists will say “ The best knife, is the one you have on you.” My opinion is that that answer is cheesy and not helpful at all. I cannot give you a definite answer but I will say this: “ Not all knives are created equal, so make sure you choose a knife that can keep you alive!”

Here we go let’s dive deeper into the world of knives:

ESEE knives have long been respected for high-quality survival blades. Perhaps their most popular model is the ESEE 4. This knife has earned a spot in the top survival knives. It comes with exquisite ergonomics. Basically, it’s a strong hunk of steel with some nicely crafted handles.

For the knife nerds: This ESEE blade is made of 1095 steel with one of the best heat treatments in the business. 1095 is middle of the road in terms of hardness. The hardness of the blade is perfect because it gives it flexibility, and the ability to be sharpened out in the field with basic tools.

Spyderco Schempp Rock Knife

This knife has won over my heart because of it’s “GET IT DONE” feel. The Spyderco Schempp Rock is a knife with an attitude. It tears through wood, cordage, and anything you put in front of it. This knife has a strange shape, which makes the knife blade heavy. What does blade heavy mean? It means the knife weighs more at the blade than at the handle, this allows you to use less energy while the knife does the lions share of the work.

For the knife nerds: This knife comes with the Japanese VG-10 steel. This is probably one of my favorite steels. It can get a razor sharp edge, and keep it for the long amount of time, while still being able to be easily sharpened.

Lastly, I wanted to include a knife that wasn’t strictly a survival knife. This time I wanted to show a folding knife because honestly, we are not going to carry a big survival knife everywhere we go. A folding knife, on the other hand, can handle big tasks, and it comes in a more “carry-able” package.

Spyderco Tuff Knife

The Spyderco Tuff is aesthetically pleasing. In fact, this is a blade you’d show off in front of all your buddies. The thing about this knife is that it is very very worthy of being used for survival. It’s one of the few folders that I would rely on. Not to mention it comes with an incredible blade steel. It comes with a dimpled handle of G-10 on one side and titanium on the other. Downside: $200+ Price Tag

For the knife nerds: The Tuff boasts an incredible 3V steel. It is a steel that is not used often because it is difficult to heat treat. Once heat treated, it is one of the best steels in all-around edge retention and toughness.

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