72 Hour Kits Survival Kits

72 Hour Kits

A Quick Guide to Preparing 72 Hour Kits

 Wondering what to include in your 72-hour kits? Worry no more. This article will give you a quick guide on how to prepare 72-hour kits that will surely help you assemble your own kit.

72 Hour Kits: The Tips         

A disaster may happen anytime. In order to prepare yourself and your family, here are some tips on how you can prepare your own 72-hour kitsDo not take for granted the basic supplies that are readily available. Remember, after a major catastrophe, services, and supplies are usually not available such as water, telephones and electricity.

1) 72-hour emergency kits must be prepared and put together in a practical manner. This means you can carry this once there is a disaster. Your 72 hour kits must be easy to transport and lightweight. It is advisable to put all the items in one container with lid and wheels.

2)      It is highly advisable to prepare 72-hour kits for each member of your family that they can carry on their own.

3)      You have to update your 72-hour survival kits every six months. In order for you to remember this task, put it on your calendar to make sure that you update your 72-hour survival kits. Updating your 72-hour kits is a must. This is to make sure that all supplies especially water, food, and medications are not expired and are fresh; batteries are still charged and not drained; and credit cards, identification cards, and personal documents are still updated.

4)      Ask help from all your family members when preparing 72-hour kitsThis will ensure that they are aware of the contents of each kit. For older children, allow them to pack their own clothes and other personal basic items.

5)      When packing the items of your 72-hour kits, separate the items that might leak, break, melt or has flavor in it. It is best to group these items in separate sealable bags.

6)      Food items in your 72-hour kits must not require refrigeration, cooking, and utensils. It should be easily prepared.

7)      During a disaster, you need the energy to cope up with stress. This means you have to consider the nutrients of all the food items that you will include in your 72-hour kits. Your family must still get proper nutrients even if there is a disaster, especially if you have young children.

8)      Pack separately the different things needed by elders and infants because they have different needs.

9)      Do not forget to pack items for your pets as well. Have a separate survival kit for your little creatures.

10)  After you pack all the items in your 72 hour Kitsmake sure that it is kept in an accessible part of your house so that everyone knows where to find it.

11)  Discuss with your family your emergency plans. For instance, what to do when a disaster strikes such as a meeting place where you can converge after a disaster.

72 Hour Kits: The List

You have to keep in mind the above tips on how to prepare 72 hour survival kits. Now, below is a 72-hour kits list that you have to include in your family’s 72-hour kits. It is advisable to print this 72-hour kits list and put it in the container.

1)      Water and food items

  1. Water (four liters or one gallon per person)
  2. Energy bars
  3. Cereals
  4. Crackers
  5. Mixed, dried fruits
  6. Gums and candies (Take note: Choose items that will not melt easily)
  7. Canned beans, tuna, Vienna sausages, beef (Take note: The cans must be “pop-top” cans and will not require you to use a can opener.)
  8. Canned juice
  9. Trash bags for sanitation and wastes

2)      Clothing and bedding

  1. Undergarments
  2. Clothes for all types of weather (long and short sleeved shirts, socks, jackets, pants, shorts, bonnets, gloves)
  3. Poncho or raincoat
  4. Emergency heat blankets
  5. Wool and fleece blankets
  6. Plastic sheet

3)      Light and fuel

  1. Flashlights and lamps that are battery operated
  2. Extra batteries
  3. Candles
  4. Water-proof matches
  5. Lighters
  6. Flares

4)      Tools and equipment

  1. Kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses, spoon, and fork
  2. Pocket knife
  3. Whistle
  4. Battery operated radios
  5. Pen and paper
  6. Permanent marker
  7. Hammer and nails
  8. Adjustable wrench
  9. Heavy gloves
  10. Crowbar
  11. Staple gun
  12. Bungee cord
  13. Duct tape
  14. Axe
  15. Multi-purpose pliers
  16. Shovel
  17. Rope
  18. Sturdy shoes
  19. Dust mask

5)      Personal items, documents and cash (Take note: These items must be kept in a sealed water-proof bag)

  1. Loose bills and coins
  2. Credit cards and ATMs
  3. Extra mobile phones with charged batteries.
  4. Pre-paid phone cards
  5. Legal documents such as marriage, birth certificates, passports, wills and contracts
  6. Insurance policies
  7. Vaccination papers
  8. Genealogy records
  9. Pictures of each family member with proper identification
  10. Identification cards of each family member
  11. Extra keys for vehicles and the house
  12. List of contact numbers of doctors, relatives, and friends
  13. List of allergies to any foods and drugs of each family member

6)      Personal supplies and medications

  1. First aid kit which includes ointments, assorted bandages, gauze pads, scissors, hot and cold packs and tweezers
  2. First aid manual and instructions
  3. Toiletries such as toilet paper (remove the center tube and flatten to save space) and feminine hygiene
  4. Cleaning supplies such as dish soap, toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, alcohol and hand sanitizer
  5. Updated list of immunizations of family members
  6. Medicines especially for children and elders
  7. Prescription medications that will last for three days

7)      Small toys or games are also important that must be included in your 72-hour emergency kits. It will provide entertainment and comfort to your family during the stressful time.

Every family must be ready with 72-hour kits. Each kit should be able to accommodate the needs of family members for a minimum of three days. It should be practical and contain basic needs. Be always ready through following the above guide in preparing 72-hour kits

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