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Best Survival Knife

Ask any survival expert if they could only have one item with them if they became lost or stranded and most would tell you they would want a quality fixed bladed knife. However, there are quality knives and then there are knives that just look good but should never leave home with you. Some knives […]

Gear Knife

Types of Best Survival Knives!

Best Survival Knife Review Guide and What Do You Really Need a Knife The choices are endless as is the pricing when it comes to survival knives. Price, however, is not always an indication of usefulness. Some of the more expensive knives on the market today may look great mounted over the fireplace but have […]

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What do you think of self sufficient living?

Self Sufficient Living  During a disaster, you may only have yourself to rely on and if you have not gained self-sufficient living skills before disaster strikes, you may not be able to take care of yourself in the days after. The government, to include local, state and federal will be in disarray for the first few days […]